Project Fill The Need

Thoughtful, Good Quality Selection

I have been coming for almost a year and am a senior on fixed income. The pantry helps us fill our shelves. Everyone has been very pleasant… team generous, thoughtful, good quality selection

Mary Ann

Very Grateful

I have only positive feedback for the Village of Oak Creek Food Bank. The staff is welcoming and friendly and provides excellent service. The offering of foods is wide and varied – from tinned to fresh to organic.
I am very grateful for this organization that is such an incredible and generous support to the community.


Thx for doing this…

Thx for doing this…

Pastor Jim

Thank You Again


I was at your food bank today, and I just wanted to say thank you again for giving me the food I need while I continue to seek regular employment.
If I can volunteer once I get settled in a consistent schedule I would be happy to. Hopefully, that will happen soon.
Please feel free to add me to your organization’s email list so I can keep in touch



You all are awesome! We appreciate you very much.


Blessings Over You All

I’m extremely grateful for the food AND volunteers! Thank you, Thank you, Blessings over you all.